Tips for Selecting the Best Wine Cellar Door

Every wine lover dreams of owning a beautiful custom wine cellar. It’s an exquisite collection of some of the finest wines you have received or purchased and memories of the first sniff and taste. 

Wine cellar designing and building is an intricate process. Selecting the wine cellar door is an essential aspect. It is a vital element that guards your precious wine collection.

To ensure that your wine ages elegantly, your wine cellar must meet certain conditions. We bring you expert tips to pick the best wine cellar door.

  • Selecting the Right Material.
  • Selecting The Frame with Adequate Airtightness.
  • Selecting The Appropriate Size.
  • Investing In Security.
  • Hire Professionals Only.

Read all points in detail.

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Selecting the Right Material.

Whether planning to build a small basement wine cellar or a wall cellar door, you can pick from a wide range of materials. From wood to wrought iron, each material serves its unique purpose. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the popular choices:

  • Wood: Redwood, pine, and mahogany are the common wood used to build wine cellar designs for small spaces. You can select a plan door or custom build with external carvings. Always pick one that matches the cellar rack.
  • Glass: You can shop for regular or etched glass. When selecting a standard wine cellar glass door, you will require a thermal or insulated glass panel door. It is because they are not airtight enough. The glass door must be double or triple pane with gas or vacuum between them. The etched glass doors are similar to regular wine cellar glass doors. The only difference is that custom designs can be carved on them. 
  • Wrought Iron: Wrought iron is a decorative addition to your wooden or glass wine cellar door. It can be used for security. For instance, you can use them as a lockable door with a smart key.
  • Metal: You can select a solid galvanized insulated metal door or use it to surround the insulated glass.

Contact professional wine cellar designers in South Florida for modern luxury designs.

Selecting The Frame with Adequate Airtightness.

Storing wine is tricky. You must ensure that it is adequately chilled and humidified at the same time. Irrespective of the type of material you choose for the interior design of wine cellars, you must confirm that the frame is suitable. It must have weather stripping around it and a sweep at the bottom. 

Selecting The Appropriate Size.

The size of the wine cellar door will influence the design and wine cellar under stairs cost. Depending on the dimensions, you can choose a single wine cellar door or grand entrance with custom engraving. It will enhance the aesthetic and security of the wine cellar door.

Investing In The Security.

The wine cellar is an investment. Its security must not be overlooked. You last want the precious bottles to be destroyed or stolen. You can choose from a wide range of security options, including:

  • The classic lock and key.
  • Keypad locking system.
  • Fingerprint recognition system.

Hire A Professional to Design and Build a Wine Cellar Door.

Above are just a few points you must consider for building a wine cellar door. It is a complex process that requires professional assistance. Our trained and skilled professionals at Green Refrigeration LLC offer personalized wine cellar solutions.