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Discover your dream wine sanctuary crafted by our dedicated wine room designers and builders. We provide genuine service and care, creating unparalleled experiences for wine lovers.

As the premier specialist in custom wine cellar designing, building, and installation, we blend creativity and craftsmanship to deliver personalized solutions. We transform commercial and residential spaces into contemporary wine rooms that offer more than just wine storage!

Your wine room. Your way.

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Custom Wine Cellars for Restaurants - Designing and Building in Palm Beach Country, Broward County, Florida

New Installations or Improve Existing One

Green Refrigeration LLC offers a full range of modern wine room design and construction services. Our beautifully designed wine cellars are celebrated for their exceptional excellence. We have every aspect covered, from wine cooling systems (including wine refrigerators) to cabinetry and wine racking.

For all your customized wine cellar needs, we are your go-to service. Be it wine coolers, storage cabinets, or creating your ideal wine cellar design with our custom wine racks and tasting rooms for your modern homes, restaurants, bars, country clubs, etc., we have you covered.

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Kostas Papas, CEO, Green Refrigeration LLC

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Our wine cellar designers and builders will help you from start to finish in these categories.

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4.8 Google ratings

Kostas Papas, CEO, Green Refrigeration LLC

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Our specialty is creating unique, beautiful, affordable, and custom wine rooms that go beyond basic wine storage and meet your expectations. Your 100% satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our exceptional offerings include.

Wine Cellar Cooling Installation

From commercial expanses to residential corners, every wine cellar is a masterpiece waiting to happen. With us, it’s not just wine cooling – an exceptional experience that keeps your wine and you in high spirits.

Wine Cellar Cooling Repair

Your wine deserves the best, including optimal storage conditions. But what do you do when you experience issues with your unit? Well, no need to worry; you have us on your side. Our exceptional wine cellar repair services are curated for cooling systems to restore balance.

Wine Cellar Cooling Maintenance

Maintain the integrity of your wine collection with our premium wine cellar cooling unit maintenance services. Your cellar’s cooling system is as important as the wine it houses, and routine maintenance is key to its longevity.

Q: Commercial vs Residential Wine Cellar Builders

Commercial wine cellar builders focus on large-scale storage for businesses, while residential builders cater to private homes, creating customized cellars to meet individual aesthetic and storage needs.

Q: Affordable, Fast, Reliable, 24/7 Emergency Services.

Are you afraid you can’t afford to hire certified professionals? Be at ease. Our specialists prioritize high-quality wine room design at just a fraction of the cost. We want your business to thrive without breaking the bank. Hence, we strive to deliver top-notch installation services at competitive rates.

Green Refrigeration LLC ranks among the best custom wine cellar designers and builders in South Florida. Our 24/7 emergency repair service sets us apart. Even if you require us to replace the entire cellar, we can assure you of a quick response. Consult our high-end interior designers and builders for wine rooms at (561) 303-7303.

Q: Wine Cellar Solutions for Every Budget

Having a lot of wine shows you have good taste, but having your own wine cellar shows you really love wine. Don’t miss out on showing that love. Are you ready to start building your own wine cellar? Contact us today!

Q: What is Wine Cellar Refrigeration?

Wine cellar refrigeration systems are designed for wine cabinets, wine cellars, and other applications. Our expertise extends to wine room refrigeration, and we offer top-tier installation and repair services.

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