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Welcome to Miami’s leading custom wine cellar designers and solution providers. Crafting the perfect wine cellar is an art; our dedicated team is here to bring your vision to life. With versatile and elegant options ranging from traditional to contemporary designs, we cater to your unique storage needs and style preferences. Store all your favorite bottles!

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Great work on the wine room. Bravo!
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Why Choose Green Refrigeration LLC?

Choose Green Refrigeration for your custom wine cellars in Miami, Florida, where beautiful design and functionality harmoniously combine. We’ve built a reputation for creating wine cellar projects that look great and keep your collection in perfect condition.

Whether you’ve got a growing wine collection or an extensive array, our diverse wine-racking systems make the most of your space so you can easily store and show off your wines. Contact us today to embark on an exceptional journey that optimizes your wine storage, ensuring your wine ages to perfection.

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Wine Cellar Cooling Installation

With our specialized wine cellar cooling installation services, embrace optimal temperature control to preserve your wine’s integrity.

Wine Cellar Cooling Repair

Keep your collection perfectly chilled with our expert wine cellar cooling repair services, designed to restore your unit’s optimal performance.

Wine Cellar Cooling Maintenance

Ensure your cellar runs flawlessly all year round with our comprehensive wine cellar cooling maintenance services.

Wine Cellar Cooling Replacement

Transform your wine storage with our cutting-edge replacement services, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of your wine cellar cooling system.

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General FAQs

Our team is experienced in crafting various wine cellars, from traditional to contemporary designs, all tailored to meet your individual aesthetic and functional needs.

The timeline varies depending on the complexity and scale of your project.

Absolutely! We work with various budgets and can provide various options for various price points. Contact us to discuss your plan, and we’ll provide a quote.

Yes, we offer maintenance and servicing for all our custom wine rooms. Regular maintenance ensures your cellar stays in top condition and your wine ages perfectly.

Not to worry! We are experienced in designing wine cellars that maximize storage while fitting into limited spaces.

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