Your Guide: Custom Commercial Wine Cellar Designing and Installation

Every wine enthusiast wishes to own a custom wine cellar. It is a cherished space where they store and display their vintage collection. Designing a custom wine refrigerator is a complicated process. Many factors are involved, from space to aesthetics to features.

Remember, building a wine cellar is more than designing a beautiful showcase. 

We designed a guide to help you with custom wine cellar design and building in Palm Beach County, Florida, and South Florida.

Read on to learn more!

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The Question Is Where.

The first step is deciding where to build or install your wine coolers. The answer to this question will impact its design, features, and maintenance cost. For instance, a wine cellar built in a corner will require only two walls for an enclosure. On the other hand, a free-standing wine cellar needs four walls construction to enclose the space.

When deciding on the space for your contemporary wine cellar, you need to consider two main essential points:

  • It should have proper ventilation.
  • It should not be directly exposed to sunlight or any heat source.

Depending on your chosen space, you might require additional humidity and temperature control.

What Is Your Vision?

What kind of result are you after? Are you looking for a showcase display, utility storage, or a mix of both?

Share your vision with the wine room designers and installers, and they will ensure that it meets the reality. 

Unless you want to build a one-of-a-kind, fully custom racking with exotic material, you are likely to opt for modular racking. Remember, no two spaces are similar. Modular racking offers an excellent approach to optimizing your space without external expense. 

Logistic Matters.

A key point to remember is that different wines have different requirements. Thus, custom and modern wine cellars are not one-size-fits-all.

Consider the wine you are planning to display. If you only plan to collect red wines, you don’t need to be concerned about designs that create optimal conditions for white wines. On the other hand, if your wine cellar collections will be dedicated to various vintage wines, you must ensure that your cellar meets the requirements for each type. Discuss with a commercial wine cellar installation specialist the best approach. 

Invest In a High-Quality Vapor Barrier.

Innovative wine cellar designs focus on creating a climate-controlled environment. The humidity and temperature inside the wine cellar should be at a proper level without frequent fluctuations. 

A high-quality vapor barrier helps in maintaining the proper humidity level. A 6mm to 8mm plastic sheet must be installed on the warm side of the cellar wall, floor, and ceiling. A poly sheet is wrapped around the studs on the interior wall to install a vapor barrier. It is then installed on the surface behind the insulation.

To ensure a complete vapor barrier, there must be a continuous application around and between every stud and ceiling joist. 

Make Your Dream Come True with Local Wine Cellar Specialists.

Build a custom wine cellar with wine cellar experts in Palm Beach County, Florida. Green Refrigeration LLC has great years of experience delivering our clients best-in-class designing and building services. We will tailor personalized wine cellar solutions for you.