Walk-In Cooler or Freezer? Buying Guide

Big Commercial Walk-in Coolers - Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

If you have come here, you must be planning to purchase a commercial walk-in cooler or freezer for your restaurant, café, sandwich shop, food truck, bistro, food and beverage storage, or grocery store. After all, you need some extra refrigerated space to store small to large food items required to run everyday business.

But, how educated are you to choose the best equipment on your own? If you haven’t done technical shopping before, we got your back. Here’s a guide to buying the right commercial freezers and coolers at affordable rates.

  • What Type of Unit Suits Your Business Needs
  • Do You Need an Indoor or Outdoor Unit?
  • Which Size Can Fit Accurately in the Given Space?
  • Don’t Forget the Components for Energy-Efficiency Checks

Let’s dive into the detail.

What Type of Unit Suits Your Business Needs?

First, you should decide whether you want a cooler, freezer, or both. Then, there are two main types of walk-ins, i.e., prefabricated and built-in, from which you can pick one. Available with modular panels, prefabricated walk-ins are usually provided by the manufacturer as they offer. You have to check if the available size fits your required space.

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On the other hand, custom built-in coolers and freezers meet your specific needs precisely, which means you can also get them covered with structural tiles on your space walls. While prefabricated walk-ins can expand along with your growing business, the built-ins can’t.

Moreover, the former is more affordable than the latter.

Do You Need an Indoor or Outdoor Unit?

You need to know particular specifics about walk-in refrigerators like panels, doors, and floor they come along with. And when you choose between their indoor and outdoor use, these components play a huge role. For instance, along with outdoor walk-in cooler units or freezers, you get a panel for the roof, which is usually not there along with the indoor unit.

Furthermore, the outdoor unit will cost you more as it will have thicker insulation and a roof sealing kit to protect the equipment from outdoor damage. 

Which Size Can Fit Accurately in the Given Space?

American walk-in freezers and coolers are available in several sizes and models in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and surrounding areas. It’s your choice what you pick to fit in your space. Thus, get the specifications clear, like the interior and exterior dimensions of the unit and the area you require to leave around the unit.

Generally, the experts prefer a margin of 40” on each side of the walk-in. It helps you during installation, repair, maintenance, and even replacement. 

Don’t Forget the Components for Energy-Efficiency Checks.

Let’s begin with insulation that ensures the unit’s insides remain cold throughout its working hours. While a foamed-in-place insulator is suitable in hotter climates, the laminate is best for colder regions, so make your pick wisely.

Aside from that, some professionals also recommend checking the type of condenser used in the unit. As per cooling and heating specialists, remote condensers are more versatile than self-contained condensers as they reduce heat and noise emissions properly and keep the unit energy-efficient.

Bottom Line

Navigate the complexities of selecting the ideal walk-in solution for your business with our in-depth walk-in cooler or freezer buying guide. Be empowered and make informed decisions for efficiency and profitability. A must-read for every forward-thinking business!

If you are still confused, reach out to Green Refrigeration LLC professionals!