Commercial Walk-In Cooler: Should You Replace or Repair Them? Easy Guide

Did you know commercial walk-in coolers are one of the most expensive kitchen equipment? As much as they are high-priced to purchase and install, they are costly to repair or replace. Therefore, it takes a great thought before you finally scrap this heavy investment.

Reportedly, once this cooler turns ten years old, it ceases to perform efficiently. That’s when either you need to repair or completely replace it. But, both are not the option simultaneously. Thus, read this guide to know when to fix the existing cooler or buy a new one. 

  • Is the Cooler Showing Low-Temperature Levels?
  • Issues with Doors and Hinges/ Walls and Floors.
  • When the System’s Age Factor Comes into Line.
  • The Cost of Repair Exceeds the Cost of Replacement.

Let’s dive into the detail.

Is the Cooler Showing Low-Temperature Levels?

An old refrigeration system often shows temperature issues. If you are also facing the same problem, you need to determine which component might be causing it. The chances are that the damaged part can’t be fixed, and you need to get a new one. In such a case, we suggest you hire a technician to diagnose the matter. Since it can be a hefty expenditure, you need to know all the possibilities before splurging your money. 

Issues with Doors and Hinges/ Walls and Floors.

The door gets affected pretty quickly because we approach it every time we need something. Fortunately, if something goes wrong with it, professionals know the easiest ways to repair it. Even the damaged hinges are fixable in a matter of hours. Guess what the most high-traffic area in the refrigeration system is – The floor. Both walls and floor can get ripped very quickly. But repairing them is equally effortless. So, repair them until they are too damaged to be fixed. 

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When the System’s Age Factor Comes into Line.

As discussed above, the age of the system can force you to scrap the machine unwillingly. Over time, the efficiency of any technical equipment goes terribly. Weary components are not always repairable because their older version is no longer available on the market. Due to updates in technology, the cost of replacement makes more sense many times. But do get experts’ opinions before taking this leap. 

The Cost of Repair Exceeds the Cost of Replacement.

Even if the walk-in cooler is repairable, many commercial dealers prefer replacing it—the reason being the hefty repair cost. The mounting cost of fixing specific components is not worthwhile. Thus, repair is the only choice if you are sure it won’t break again in the future. Otherwise, spend a few more thousand but get a new cooler. 

Bottom Line.

Simply put, commercial walk-in cooler repair in Palm Beach County, FL, is not always the end game. Sometimes, if the cost of repair goes up, replacement is the ultimate deal. Thus, consider factors like age, expense, and temperature levels before deciding whether to fix or refurbish the HVAC.

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