Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems You Need to Know

Commercial Refrigeration in Palm Beach County, Florida, is an ever-growing food industry need. The equipment comprises several small cold storage units, including reach-in freezers, walk-in refrigerators, ice machines, and glycol chillers. To manage these appliances, you require professional commercial refrigeration services.

Among several things, what fascinates the buyers about these systems is their different types. Yes, there are many types of commercial refrigeration systems that you can choose from. Let’s dive into their details!

Absorption: Absorbs Heat to Generate Cooling Effect

These systems use refrigerants like ammonia to generate the final cooling effect. It uses heat as its energy input, usually taken from the excess steam generated during the process or from hot water. First, it condenses and evaporates the refrigerant and releases the heat into the atmosphere. During the process, the refrigerant produces a cooling effect in the evaporator. To ensure its long-term productive performance, it takes the right installation services in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and surrounding areas.

Thermoelectric: Uses Electric Current to Cool the Unit

It is the process of pumping heat out of an insulated chamber using electricity. Herein, the cooling effect is usually the result of the electric current created through the electric circuits containing junctions of different metals. There is a thermocouple too that contains two different metals, serving as a pathway for electric current. Even the top refrigeration service experts recommend this system due to the minimal commercial appliance repair services requirement in Palm Beach County, Florida, and nearby areas.

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Evaporation: Evaporates Heat to Reduce Air Temperature

This system works on the water evaporation principle in which the hot water is evaporated to leave a cooling effect in the unit. There are water-soaked pads on which the warmer outdoor air blows. After that, the pads absorb the heat from the air, leaving it cool and chilled. This system requires adequate routine maintenance from a trusted heating and cooling company in South Florida.

Mechanical-Compression: Compressing the Refrigerant Balancing the Temperature

The most used refrigeration method, mechanical compression, requires a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and an expansion valve. The compressor draws vapor from the evaporator and compresses it before sending it to the condenser. The heat produced during this process is then transferred to a cooling medium for the final cooling effect in the unit. Since many food business people invest in this refrigeration system, you can quickly get this high-quality unit at competitive rates.

Final Words

Commercial refrigeration is an asset worth investing in. Therefore, before turning to quality technicians for the right replacement for your existing unit, learn about the available options. This guide will help you close a deal for the system your business needs.

Besides investing in the best refrigeration system, Green Refrigeration LLC recommends hiring certified techies who offer a same-day response and 24/7 emergency services (Don’t Wait, Call Us). The best unit and the experts’ fast repair service will help improve your productivity wondrously.  

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