Tips For Getting Rid of Odor in Your Commercial Refrigerators

It is common for commercial freezers to acquire an unpleasant odor, especially if liquid items such as milk or leftover food are stored in them.

The odor in commercial display refrigerators is caused due to the build-up of bacteria and mold on organic products or food.

Although the manufacturers of walk-in coolers for sale try to minimize the odor in the unit, you can also ensure routine maintenance to avoid the same. Click here to read the pros tips!

What Is The Root Of The Issue?

As per service experts, the odor is trapped inside the flooring and wall of the unit. With time the bacteria multiply, making the smell unpleasant.

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If you face the situation mentioned earlier, the only solution is to clean the unit to eliminate the odor source. 

How To Clean Your Commercial Refrigerator?

Before you start cleaning this crucial equipment for the restaurant, empty all its contents. Then remove all the compartments and racks. 

You must throw out expired or spoiled products. You can prepare a high-quality cleaner from household products such as vinegar, baking soda, or dishwashing detergent. 

  • You can create the best and most effective refrigerator cleaner by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of white vinegar.

Spray the mixture on the inside surface of the unit and wipe it immediately. It will help in eliminating the odor from the refrigerator.

  • If white vinegar and baking soda are unavailable, the right replacement of the solution is one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to chlorine bleach. 

Spray the solution on the surface, wait for it to dry, and then wipe it out. It will eliminate the bacteria and associated odor. 

  • Another effective commercial refrigerator cleaner is considered warm soapy water. Stay away from abrasive chemicals; they will wreak the unit’s construction over time.
  • You can also wet the refrigerator unit’s interior with a 5% bleach solution and clean it with water and soap shortly after.

Do not leave the bleach solution for too long on the interiors as it will lead to metal spots on your commercial refrigerator. 

Deodorizing The Refrigerating Unit

Qualified technicians highly recommend this practice. Put a bowl of charcoal briquettes inside your commercial refrigerator for at least a week to eliminate the odor.

For best results, replace the charcoal briquette bowl once a week. You can also use baking soda or coffee grounds as an alternative. You can also invest in a product designed to eliminate the odor effectively. It is widely available in the market and sold by some commercial refrigerator manufacturers.

Bottom Line

If you can’t eliminate the odor from your commercial refrigerator after all the effort, it’s time to contact a Commercial Refrigeration Services provider for fast repair.

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