Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips: All You Need to Know

Commercial refrigeration units are complicated and can perform inefficiently if not appropriately maintained. They need an around-the-clock close check and immediate repairs to function correctly. After all, these units are an absolute need for keeping the food resources of your business fresh for a more extended period. 

However, many of you might ask how and what to maintain for the most productive outcomes. Below are some guiding tips that will help you implement commercial refrigeration maintenance tips like a pro. Let’s check them out! 

Clean Your Coolers and Freezers Regularly

Do not let the spill dry, and wipe the fallen food right away to avoid dangerous freezer burns. Top refrigerator maintenance contractors recommend using soap and water solutions to keep the coolers and freezers clean. Also, it wouldn’t take much of your crucial time to scrub the shelves and drain pans, tubes, and surfaces using a soft brush and cloth. 

Clean the Evaporator and Condensor Coils

As per the experts, you should clean evaporator and condenser coils at least twice a year. This way, you prevent the dirt from gathering and mold from growing. Since there will not be much debris and dirt clogging the coils, the unit will function efficiently for more years to come. 

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Keep track of Air Filters’ Performance.

Again, if there’s an oil spill or debris, you can expect the air filters to perform inefficiently over time. When dust and unwanted particles block much-needed airflow, the air filters might not even run. Ultimately, you will look for the best refrigerator brands for air filter replacement from the best commercial refrigeration company.  

Spare Some Space in the Unit for Proper Airflow

Professionals suggest ensuring the maximum storage limit of the unit when keeping the items in it. There is a minimum storage history of coolers and freezers that causes their temperature to fluctuate. But it would help if you remembered that you risk the unit’s efficiency and lifespan when overloading it. 

Work on Tubing and Drain Pans’ Clearance

Commercial refrigeration services never leave tubing and drain pans unattended when conducting a maintenance project. The techs inspect the drain pans and tubing closely to check for any food particles to build up and remove it immediately. They also advise you to clean the tubes and pans every month, so the equipment runs without hassle.

Bottom Line

While some of these DIY tips are easy to take on, you must hire certified professionals when the job needs technical knowledge and experience. Count on Green Refrigeration LLC for all your commercial refrigeration maintenance needs. We have trusted maintenance experts in Palm Beach County, Broward County, South Florida, and nearby areas who clean your refrigerators inside out. Just give us a call (561-303-7303), and we’ll be right at your disposal!