Full-Sized Wine Cellar Inside New Megayachts?

When it comes to luxury living, yachts are one of the most extravagant ways to enjoy it. But what if you want something more than a two-story house on the water? What if you could have your own personal wine cellar, right there on your yacht? Well, now you can! Yacht builders are increasingly offering full-sized wine cellars inside their vessels — some even with climate control so that your wines will stay at exactly the right temperature. Here’s how they do it:

Cellars are being built into the superstructure of the yachts.

Wine cellars are being built into the superstructure of some yachts. This is a separate room from the galley, which is located aft and below, and can also be used by guests for entertaining or dining. The crew’s quarters are typically forward on most superyachts, so there’s plenty of space for them to store their belongings in other parts of the boat as well.

When you have a lot of wine to store, traditional wine racks just don’t cut it.

In small spaces, traditional wine racks are fine. But when you’ve got a lot of bottles to store and there’s no room for a separate wine cellar, you need a custom solution. One option is to have the storage built into one of the yacht’s superstructure components. For example:

A Wine Cellar Inside Your New Yacht? Yes, It’s Possible!

Climatized storage chambers provide year-round storage for wines in their optimum condition.

What’s the best way to store wine? It’s a question that many people ask, but few know the answer to. The answer is simple: in a climate-controlled environment. This is the only way you can ensure your wine will be stored at its optimum condition, ensuring both higher quality and a longer lifespan.

If you have millions for a yacht, why not add a few hundred thousand for your own cellar?

According to the New York Times, this is becoming more common among megayachts. These are boats that cost more than $20 million. The reason behind building these full-sized wine cellars is simple: traditional wine racks just don’t cut it when it comes to storing fine wines. If you want to keep them at their optimum condition, you will have to invest in climate-controlled storage chambers that can keep temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of the year.

Bottom Line.

In the yacht world, it’s not necessarily about the size of your boat, but how you use it. And if you’re going to have a yacht that’s worth millions, why not make sure that it has everything you need? If we’re going to spend all this money on boats for our own enjoyment, then why not make them as luxurious and extravagant as possible?

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