Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Custom Wine Cellar.

Experts tell us that you can store almost any kind of wine in a custom wine cellar. In fact, some people choose to use their existing refrigerators and freezers as wine cellars.

Read the 5 most common myths about custom wine cellars.

Myth 1: You need a wine space for every room.

Wine Cellar experts say no. The size of a cellar is based on the amount of space you have, not how many rooms you have in your house. It’s also true that a lot of people choose to store their wine in the basement or garage because it’s less visible than in other parts of the house. But with proper planning and architectural design, you can build an impressive wine cellar anywhere in your home — even in a small basement space!

Myth 2: You need to be an expert to build a custom wine cellar.

Wine Cellar experts say no again — anyone can build a wine space!

All you need are some basic tools and materials, along with knowledge of how to use them properly, and you’ll be on your way to building an amazing space to store all those bottles of vino.

In fact, many people choose to hire professionals when it comes time to build their custom winery — because they trust that people who know what they’re doing will do it right!

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Myth 3: You need to spend more money on a custom wine cellar.

Truth: A cellar doesn’t have to cost more than a regular one. Most of the time, it doesn’t even cost as much as you’d expect. This is because most custom cabinets are made with quality materials and workmanship, so they can last for decades and provide great value for your money.

Myth 4: Only good for people who drink a lot of wine.

Truth: Of course, you can use your cellar to store other things as well, such as beer or spirits.
You could also use it as a display cabinet or office storage solution for objects like books or collectibles — anything that needs to be kept out of sight and protected from dust and dirt.

Myth 5. Your investment in a wine cellar will last forever.

A properly built wine rack is an investment that will last for years. The right design and construction method can help you keep your wine space looking its best. 

Bottom Line.

A custom wine room provides a spacious and elegant storage solution for wine collectors and hobbyists. And, with one of the most professional Wine Cellar Designers and Builders in South Florida from Green Refrigeration LLC Palm Beach Gardens, you can have a gorgeous and organized space for all of your collection.

Whether you have an eclectic mix or a particular niche, know that experts will work with you to ensure the design of your custom wine cellars fits your specific tastes.

Our wine room designers will work with you to choose the right materials, colors, and styles to suit your wishes. So go ahead and get started today!