Custom Wine Cellars in Tampa, Florida

Green Refrigeration LLC is Tampa, Florida’s premier custom wine cellar designers and builders that surpass conventional wine storage solutions. With a reputation for excellence in wine preservation, our team crafts unique experiences for your precious collection. Combining creative design with advanced refrigeration and cooling technology. We cater to personal and commercial markets, ensuring your collection not only preserves its inherent qualities but also evolves beautifully over time.

Kostas Papas, CEO, Green Refrigeration LLC
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Great work on the wine room. Bravo!
~ Nick Adamis (Goolge Reviews)

Wine Cellar Specialists + Custom Designs

Envision a space where each bottle of wine is a story waiting to be told, where elegance meets functionality. That’s what Green Refrigeration LLC promises to deliver. Our seasoned experts utilize the latest cooling technology to create your perfect custom wine cellar that truly reflects your taste.

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