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Are you looking to elevate your wine storage with a sophisticated, functional cellar? How can you transform any space into a captivating display of your exquisite collection? You’re in the right place. We specialize in high-quality custom wine cellars in Orlando, Florida. Our top-rated wine cellar builders and designers are committed to personalized designs matched only by your passion for your collection.

Whether you need cellars for your home or businesses like restaurants or country clubs, we’re near you!

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Custom Wine Cellar, Modern Wine Room in Home

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Great work on the wine room. Bravo!
~ Nick Adamis (Goolge Reviews)

Modern Designs by Wine Cellar Experts

Having a dedicated wine room for your collection is crucial. Our specialists are about aesthetics and incorporating the functionality of wine cellar cooling systems to ensure your collection ages ideally. Reach out to Green Refrigeration LLC today, where personalized wine cellar designs meet the advanced functional requirements of wine cellar refrigeration, allowing us to transform your vision into reality.

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A custom wine cellar in Orlando, Florida, is uniquely designed to fit your needs and tastes. It can include features like custom wine racks and a tailored wine fridge.

Professionals know how to create the ideal conditions for wine storage and aging. At Green Refrigeration LLC, we ensure your wine is kept in the perfect environment to maintain its quality and taste.

Absolutely! We dedicate ourselves to creating design plans that incorporate your preferences while respecting your budgetary constraints. With us, a custom wine cellar in Orlando is an affordable luxury for both homes and businesses.