Why Is It Important to Maintain Proper Refrigeration Temperature?

Refrigerators are considered a marvel of advanced food preservation. At the right temperature, the appliances slow down the bacteria growth, keeping the food safer and fresh for a long time.

When you buy a new refrigerator and avail of a commercial refrigeration installation service, they may guide you to maintain the right temperature. 

Understanding The Mechanism of Optimum Commercial Refrigeration Temperature.

On-call refrigeration experts suggest that your commercial refrigeration should be between 3℃ and 5℃. Between this temperature, the growth of bacteria is slowest, and the food’s quality is maintained. Below this temperature, freezing may be triggered in your commercial refrigerator and spoil stored food. 

A temperature above 5℃ is considered a danger zone. Food stored above 5℃ can lead to harmful growth and spread of bacterium that may result in listeria, salmonella, or E. coli.  

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Our commercial refrigeration (installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance) experts suggest that the ideal temperature for the freezer is -18℃. Storing food at this temperature, especially seafood and meat, won’t allow the growth of bacteria, and you can preserve the items for up to a year. When seafood and meat are stored below -18℃, they may lose their flavor and texture. 

If the freezer or refrigerator is not set at the correct temperature can lead to tons of food wastage. 

How To Measure The Temperature Of Your Commercial Refrigerator?

To measure the temperature of your commercial refrigerator, you can buy an appliance thermometer. Place it in your refrigerator for 20 minutes, then check the temperature. If you are not close to the correct temperature, turn to the temperature control panel of your refrigerator and make the required adjustment.  

Bottom Line

Maintaining the optimum temperature in your commercial refrigerator will prevent many issues from arising. However, if you cannot maintain the same or your refrigerator is malfunctioning to any other problems, you must contact a commercial refrigeration repair.

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