Ice Machine Servicing: All You Need to Know

Ice machines require utmost care to function smoothly like any other part of a commercial refrigeration system. Any negligence to its maintenance can result in its breakdown and incur a considerable repair or replacement cost. Thus, commercial food business owners hire commercial ice machines and refrigeration contractors for the standard serving of the unit. It helps them save a lot on utility bills and hefty repair costs. 

The experts look after every corner of the machine to diagnose, detect, and fix the required area professionally. To learn in detail what they do when servicing your commercial ice machine, read on. 

They Start with Cleaning Your Ice Machine Bin

All the top refrigeration companies begin with cleaning the bins prone to dirt and debris. People ask them to handle this job frequently because it raises their health scores. Whether it has UV light or an anti-microbial surface, you should get it cleaned to avoid unwanted technical issues later. 

They Check for Scale and Descale It If Required

Ice machines often experience scale, a chemical deposit inside the unit. Though it’s not that big a deal in an ice maker that produces less ice, you see more scale build-up in one that makes more ice. But, if the scale is there, it will damage the machine parts in no time. Thus, the professionals also check for them and descale the unit immediately. 

The Experts Deal with Clogs for Better Airflow

Ice dispensers are prone to clogs, and that’s why the techs watch out for them carefully. They eliminate what is jamming the system, whether the smashed ice particles or ice melts. They conduct this job by removing the bin and any stuck ice cubes and then wiping the bottom with a warm and damp cloth. 

The Techs Fix or Replace Broken Ice Machine Filters

In-line filtration protects the machine from unwanted bacteria, sediment built-up, and minerals. But when this system stops working, your entire unit malfunctions and produces unhygienic outcomes. Therefore, this part of the ice machine repair service is crucial for the professionals to check for during the service. 

They Ensure Enough Room for the Unit to Breathe

Finally, if they see you kept the unit in a confined space, they recommend placing it somewhere else. The technicians try to achieve enough space in and around the ice machine for adequate ventilation. Besides, they will check there is nothing that blocks the venting system. 

Final Thoughts

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