Furnace Repair or Replacement: What to Choose?

Having a furnace on your property during the winter months feels no less than a blessing. But when it stops working correctly or reaches a dead end, you realize how much it needs an immediate repair or replacement.

Although you can fix several heating equipment issues on your own, we suggest hiring a furnace repair company in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton, Jupiter, and surrounding South Florida areas when things get complicated. Also, if you want to extend the unit’s lifespan, don’t hesitate to call for the professionals’ help.

Green technology specialists who have worked in the same industry for many years have gained significant knowledge and experience. Besides, the right team of experts will help you decide whether to fix or replace the broken furnace.

Let’s read about the factors they will consider before deciding.

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. Age of the Furnace Defines Its Efficiency.

. Cost of Repair vs. Cost of Replacement.

. Rising Heating Bills for the Last Few Months.

. Furnace Requires Frequent Repair Service.

Read all points in detail.

Age of the Furnace Defines Its Efficiency.

Before they indulge in the job, they determine when you got the unit installation service and its manufacturing year. This way, the heating unit’s age is clear to them and helps them estimate the need for quick-fix solutions or a brand-new furnace. Generally, one that has run for over 15 years is better replaced than fixed because, by that time, all its efficiency has drained. However, if you got regular maintenance service for the unit during those years, it might last 25 to 30 years. 

Cost of Repair vs. Cost of Replacement.

Only certified techies will tell you what it is worth; spending on repairs or investing in new equipment. Perhaps, you will be tempted to spend on repairs instead of investing extra in replacement. But mending doesn’t make sense when the cost of fixing the unit surpasses half the purchase price. 


Rising Heating Bills for the Last Few Months.

Many experienced technicians also point out the rising heating bills that might indicate a replacement. If your furnace begins to consume more energy to run inefficiently, there is no way the top-notch heating services in Palm Beach will suggest fixing it. Technically, it is also a sign that the equipment’s internal parts are wearing down and might fail sooner or later. 

Furnace Requires Frequent Repair Service.

Frequent unit failures can affect your satisfaction after every professional indulgence. Ultimately, the unit breaks down every fortnight or even sooner, pushing you to get 24/7 emergency services at competitive rates. Here, the professionals recommend getting a piece of new equipment for your home or office to avoid wasting your precious money on an inefficient unit. 

Bottom Line

Lastly, only the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning team would consider these factors to make a wise decision for you. Therefore, hire trusted HVAC contractors like Green Refrigeration LLC to get fast furnace repair and replacement solutions for your broken unit. Your best bet is the tech team that strives to offer high-quality, same-day, and affordable heating services.

So, what is stopping you? Call our team now at (561) 303-7303 and save up to 35% on electricity and save money with green technology today!