6 Signs You Need a Technician for Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Energy-efficient commercial refrigeration units are essential for the smooth functioning of every food service business. It stores the food items and keeps them fresh for a long time.

On the other hand, malfunctioning equipment is terrible news. The stored food items will get spoiled quickly, leading to monetary loss.

Moreover, accidentally serving spoiled food to the customer will damage your business’s reputation.

We bring you the six common warning signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment with commercial refrigeration repair experts in South Florida.

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  • Spoiled Food.
  • Warm Refrigerator.
  • Ice Lining On The Screen.
  • Faulty Door.
  • It’s Getting Old.
  • A High Energy Bill.

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Spoiled Food.

Is your food getting spoiled even after being in the commercial refrigeration for hours? It’s one of the most common signs of refrigerator malfunction. It can be due to inconsistent temperature and uneven cooling. 

Warm Refrigerator.

Another sign that you need industrial refrigeration upgrades is a change in the temperature of the freezer or fridge. If your system is challenged to maintain its normal temperature and the door feels warm, your equipment might be low on refrigerant. Other signs include:

  • Condensation on the exterior
  • Water droplets on the interior

It might seem an easy fix. However, we recommend contacting a professional as handling chemicals can be dangerous.

Ice Lining On The Screen.

Another tell-tale sign that you need to schedule a commercial freezer and cooler maintenance appointment is a lining or layer of ice on the equipment’s exterior. 

If the ice is formed in your freezer, on the evaporator coil or door, it might be due to insufficient airflow in your freezer or fridge. It can be due to overstocking your refrigerator unit. In this situation, we recommend contacting a green technology professional immediately before the problem worsens.

Faulty Door.

Are you or your workers facing a challenge while closing the door of your commercial refrigeration (Freezer and Cooler)? Without delay, you must call a technician. If the door is not sealing properly, you risk items stored getting spoiled and decaying. A certified engineer will diagnose the issue, find out what is blocking the seal, and fix it. 

Misshaped exterior and warping problems are other common signs of a faulty refrigerator door.

It’s Getting Old.

A commercial refrigeration system over ten years old has a higher risk of malfunctioning. Remember your electrical equipment is not designed to last forever. Thus, we recommend its routine maintenance

If you observe any issue with your unit or if it behaves differently than usual, you must immediately contact same-day service professionals in South Florida. They will help you to extend the life of your equipment. 

A High Energy Bill.

Has the energy bill gone up the roof in the past few months? It can be a warning sign. A malfunctioning commercial refrigerator consumes more energy. Connect with the Green Technology expert to analyze the problem and save up to 35% on electricity and save money.

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