Tips for Keeping Employees Safe

Walk-in refrigeration is a very crucial unit of your business. Throughout the day, your employee uses it numerous times. We all know that a simple mistake can end your and your employee’s lives. However, you can follow some simple guidelines to ensure maximum safety and keep your mind at ease.

Remember, your employees are your responsibility. 

Dry Is Good

A spill can lead to the accidental fall of your employee and cause him injury. The frost and ice build-up may melt and leave puddles on the floor that can cause slippage. Occasionally, ask your employee to scrape any build-up in the walk-in coolers to avoid such accidents.

You can install floor squeegees to guide excess water to drains and let the wet floor dry. It would be best to recommend that your staff wear rubber-soled shoes to reduce slippage.

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Check The Safety Releases on the Door Every Day

Modern walk-in freezers come with a safety release on the doors to prevent the risk of accidental entrapment. The temperature in the walk-in freezer may be lower than the freezing point, and if an employee is locked in the freezer, they may die from hypothermia.

Check the safety doors daily to ensure that they are functioning efficiently. You can ask your employees to enter the walk-in freezer in pairs for extra caution. 

Clean The Walk-In Unit

Promote the daily cleaning of your walk-in coolers among your staff to avoid the build-up of mold and fungus it. Regular exposure to mold can cause health issues, including sinus issues, sneezing, and coughing. Mold is harmful to your employees and inventory.

Avoid Overloading of The Shelves

Overpacked or overloaded walk-in freezer shelves affect the cooling and may collapse under excess weight. There is also a high chance that if the shelves malfunction or break, heavy inventory items may fall on your employees, injuring them. Each shelf in the walk-in freezer is designed to stand a specific maximum weight. You must ensure that under no condition does this weight exceed.

To protect your employees, organize your shelves strategically and not overpack them!

Provide Your Employee with Safety Apparel

Store the garments suitable for cold conditions near the walk-in unit to make them easily accessible for your staff. Provide your employees with gloves, hats, and jackets to make them comfortable and decrease the risk of circulation problems in the walk-in unit. 

Bottom Line

When not checked daily, a walk-in freezer and cooler can cause accidents and injuries to employees. Your staff is your family, and they trust you to protect them. You can follow the above-mentioned safety guidelines to lower the risk of accidents.

Moreover, if you feel an issue with your walk-in unit requires immediate attention, contact the best and most reliable walk-in freezer and cooler repair and maintenance service provider.

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