Reasons Why HVAC Is Running but Not Performing Well

An HVAC system is an integral part of every business and commercial building. It makes the interior comfortable, your workers productive, and customers happy. When your HVAC system is broken, you know that you need to contact a commercial HVAC services provider in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton, City of Stuart, Delray Beach, Jupiter, and surrounding South Florida areas to get it repaired. However, if it is running but not functioning correctly, you might be perplexed about the exact issue.

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Let’s explore the top four reasons, so you can understand the situation, and why your HVAC system is running but not performing well.

  • Thermostats Battery Are Dead.
  • Refrigerant Leakage.
  • Dirty Or Clogged Filters.
  • Problems With Drain Lines.

Read all points in detail.

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Thermostats Battery Are Dead.

Sometimes, you might realize that there is no specific issue with your HVAC system, but your thermostat is not displaying any information. It may be because its battery is dead. The first thing you should do is replace the batteries. 

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry experts recommend replacing your thermostat battery once a year. Contact a heating and air conditioning technician near you, if the issue persists. At times, poor installation and wiring can also be the reason for the problems with thermostats.

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Refrigerant Leakage.

Refrigerant is a special liquid that flows through your HVAC system coil. It is responsible for transferring heat from your building’s interior to the outdoor condenser unit, thus keeping the interior cool. If there is a refrigerant leakage in your industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, it will not be able to perform its jobs and eliminate heat from your building. Your commercial HVAC system will run; however, it won’t perform to its optimum ability. It will put more pressure on the unit’s condenser and create more trouble. 

Dirty Or Clogged Filters.

Air filters in your HVAC system are responsible for eliminating pollen, dust, and unwanted particulate from the air. With time, air filters get dirty. Moreover, due to material build-up, they get clogged. As a result, your HVAC system won’t be able to filter out foreign materials and must work hard to push the air through the clogged filters. 

When the issue is not addressed on time, it leads to significant wear and tears on your commercial HVAC system. It further increases the risk of overheating and reduces the lifespan of your HVAC system. It is one of the reasons why experts recommend routine proper HVAC maintenance. 

Problems With Drain Lines.

The drain line of your industrial HVAC system is responsible for carrying moisture away from the unit. As the system runs, moisture is collected and transported to a nearby drain. However, the drain line gets clogged with debris or algae with time. It leads to water backing in the drain pan, eventually overflowing and damaging the unit. 

You must schedule a visit from a quality air conditioning unit installation and repair technician from time to time to ensure that the water is properly draining from the HVAC system.

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An insufficient HVAC system can make your customers and employees complain. If you observe any issue with your commercial HVAC system, contact the experts of heating and cooling systems in Palm Beach County, Florida, and surrounding areas. They will rectify the issue and prevent the problem from becoming big. Green Refrigeration LLC is a team of trustworthy and reliable HVAC technicians

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