How Often Should the HVAC Unit be Services?

HVAC is pretty straightforward, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, both commercial and residential. But when it comes to its maintenance, people often get confused about where to start. Be at ease; the HVAC experts have a perfect solution for that. They recommend you first hire trusted heating and cooling professionals to service the unit and then ask for their post-service guidance and assistance. It collectively promotes the efficient functioning of heaters and air conditioners. 

Now, how often you should call a professional for HVAC systems service. That’s difficult to decide because you neither want to overspend nor neglect the required preventive care. Therefore, we are here with this guide to help you know when you should call HVAC maintenance experts (561) 303-7303

Let’s start with what you should expect in the HVAC maintenance routine!

Since every heating and cooling unit is unique, you can’t use a one-for-all solution for its upkeep. It is vital to consult commercial appliance repair specialists who inspect and service each component and repair the broken parts. 

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When it comes to servicing air conditioning, their main concern relies upon the equipment’s overall condition. In addition, the techies look after the safety controls, temperature differentiation, evaporator coils, and drains or drip pans. Furthermore, they also check, test, and charge the condenser and refrigerant. 

Contrarily, as for the heating system, they check the heat pump, heating mode, defrost cycle, ignition, burner assemblies, heat exchanger, and the operation of the backup heating source. Moreover, they conduct a few tests, particularly to diagnose the efficiency of clearances, vents, combustion air, gas pressures & piping. 

So, how often should you get the HVAC serviced?

That varies from one professional to another or from one unit to another. Some would say you should do it at least once a year, while others would do it every six months. But to clear all your doubts, we say if you have a heating and air conditioning system, get the job done half-yearly.

Since you will need to use both technologies at different times of the year, I prefer servicing the furnace before winter arrives and the air conditioner before the summer kicks in. However, if you also have a heat pump, you probably use it throughout the year.

Therefore, servicing it about every six months sounds the best. 

Bottom Line.

Having read that, do you think now is the time to service your HVAC system? Count on Green Refrigeration LLC! We are the top HVAC Company in Palm Beach County and Broward County, South Florida that offers high-quality and fast-response technical assistance at competitive rates. Schedule a meeting with our executives to learn more about our services!