How Can We Know the Ice Maker Is Working or Not?

The ice maker is independent equipment that works automatically to make ice. It makes the ice on when the temperature setting is at the freezing point, and proper power is supplied to the refrigerator.

However, if the ice maker is not working correctly, you can manually check its issues. You can carefully review the inlet valve and the waterline. 

Here the few things you can check when the icemaker is not working:

Icemaker Power Cord Connection

  • You have to make sure that the power cord of the ice maker is adequately connected to the socket. Furthermore, the plug is on. 
  • Then, you should see that the paddle is moving freely. However, the ice blocks its movement. Therefore, it shows that the ice maker is not working correctly. 
  • You have to ensure that there is a proper water supply to the ice maker. You can find the water connection valve in the sink and basement area. There is one water line connected to the refrigerator. 
  • There are two plastic water lines, one for the water dispenser and the other one for the ice maker. 
  • There may be an issue with the filler tube. Then, the icemaker is unable to get water to make ice. You can ask the technician to check the filler tube. 

Partial or Complete Filter Clogging Issues

However, the clogging issues in the filter can cause a slow running or no water supply in the dispenser. It would help if you remembered to change the filter every six months to ensure the proper working of the ice maker. 

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  • After removing the filter, you can install the bypass plug in the ice maker.
  • If there is an issue with the filter, you must replace it soon.
  • There is new construction happening in your area. It can add sediments to your water system. However, the extra deposits will clog your water system. You can check it every six months.

Check out the ice maker itself is working or not.

  • Empty the ice maker mold. Then, you can pour 4 oz water into the ice maker mold. 
  • You have to wait for two hours. 
  • After two hours, you can see if the icemaker kicks the cubes. Then, you will know that the ice maker is working. 
  • It does not happen. In that case, you have to call the technician for repair purposes. 

Bottom Line

Before calling the technician, you should check the things provided above manually. The ice maker is not making ice properly after following the above procedures. Therefore, it is essential to call the experts. Take the professional service for repairing the ice cream maker.

Experts can help you deal with the issues associated with the ice maker. You should remove it to replace the filter in six months.

Check out the water lines annually if there is new construction near your house. Then, see if there is any sediment added to the waterline near your home. 

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