Glycol Chiller for Craft Brewery: Everything You Need to Know

Imagine tasting your life’s best beer and wondering who in heaven has made it. Well, gods don’t reveal their names, but sure they do tell their mechanism. A craft brewery is heaven for all bear lovers. It is where this lovely drink gets its life commercially. And guess what makes the most critical part of breweries?

A cooling and glycol system. Better known as a chiller, this system is directly or indirectly involved in beer-making. Removing the heat added during milling, mashing, lautering, and boiling is essential. 

However, the purchase of this commercial refrigeration system demands professional help. Only the right technician knows the terminology that can get confusing. They will check all the factors beforehand to select a good unit for process cooling in your brewery.

You will be educated on different types of glycol chillers that you might come across in the market. Let’s have a quick glimpse of them. 

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PACKED CHILLERS: Convenient and Easy to Install

They are a composition of a tank and a pump that complete this refrigeration unit. The benefit of investing in these chillers is installing them even outside the commercial premises and saving indoor space. Moreover, they are also convenient as every piece of equipment is contained in one chiller. 

MODULAR CHILLERS: An Inline Addition

Modular chillers are your best bet if you are searching for a system you can install in between the process. They are famous in commercial breweries as specialists can grow better with their assistance. Their pipes are sized and modeled in a way that they can compensate for larger brew runs. It is a capital investment that you can even rent. 

SPLIT CHILLERS: Highly Efficient Cooler

Are you concerned about the limited space in your brewery? Split chillers are there to promote heat exchange without halting the indoor space needs. You can locate this system outside the premises. And it will ensure high-efficiency cooling depending upon the prevailing temperature of your location. 

But, Why Do You Need a Glycol Chiller?

It is requisite despite being inefficient as a heat transfer medium. Not to mention, it does provide freeze protection for the refrigeration system. Professional HVAC technicians even recommend its usage when the process water set-point temperature plunges below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. And maintaining the exact percentage of food-grade glycol helps avoid such incidences. 

Nevertheless, not every affordable glycol-based solution is designed for the chillers’ recirculation system. Their usage can cause damage to the heat exchangers and pumps in the overall cooling system. Thus, get glycol chillers for breweries in Palm Beach County, Florida, that meet your production process’s much-needed cooling requirement.

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