Factors to Consider for Effective Ice Machine Installation

A full-proof ice machine installation means efficiently-produced, good-tasting, and well-performing ice. At restaurants worldwide, the first thing customers pay attention to is the presentation that makes the food look best. Ice is that element that clicks in their drink and enhances its taste to another level.

So, if you own a restaurant, don’t forget to invest in ice machine installation services in Palm Beach County and Broward County, Florida. The qualified technicians will help you with effective setup, ensuring the functional longevity of the unit. 

Let’s read about the factors these service experts consider before starting the job:

  • They Begin with the Local Water Analysis.
  • The Experts Prefer Ventilation to a Compact Location.
  • Air Quality Check, Particularly for Air-Cooled Machines.
  • They Don’t Install in a Small Service Space.
  • They Check for the Easy Access to Site Utilities.

They Begin with the Local Water Analysis.

Every trusted company does a local water analysis before installing the unit. This analysis is done to check the quality of water pumped into the system. It helps professionals decide whether there is a need for a filtration system or not. If yes, they will do it for you and ensure it takes the chlorine out of the water. Their goal is to prevent yeast, slime, or mold growth in the unit due to unfiltered water. 

The Experts Prefer Ventilation to a Compact Location.

Commercial ice machines in West Palm Beach, Florida, are attached with condensers. These condensers are responsible for hot air generation that should be ejected outside the room. Therefore, certified techies always look for a non-compact or roomy location. They search for a place that is spacious and allows proper ventilation. 

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Air Quality Check, Particularly for Air-Cooled Machines

There are two kinds of air in our environment- corrosive and contaminated. For instance, if your restaurant is located in Palm Beach, Florida, there will be corrosive air all around. The experts will recommend extra coating over fragile machine components like condensers at competitive rates in such a case. It prevents the unit from the destructive effects of salt present in the air. On the other hand, contaminated air can block the condenser fins. Thus, the certified techs will suggest a less contaminated area, precisely a remote region. 

They Don’t Install in a Small Service Space.

There should be spare space around the unit for proper installation and fast repair services later. Therefore, no top refrigeration company in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, chooses a smaller space for installation. They ensure enough distance between the condenser fan and the wall or ceiling. It allows them to easily access the broken parts when you call them for 24/7 emergency services. 

They Check for the Easy Access to Site Utilities.

An ice machine requires three common site utilities to function appropriately- water, power, and drain. And every techie in Palm Beach County, Florida, can’t afford to miss out on that. The power provides electricity to start the unit, water is necessary for ice generation, and a drain is required to pump the molten water away. 

Bottom Line.

Factors like ventilation, air and water quality, service space, and site utilities pave the way to an effective ice machine installation. As you seek a same-day response from refrigeration experts, no doubt, you will reap high-quality ice for your customers.