Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Freezers

Whether it is a restaurant, supermarket, or fast food joint, wherever you go, you will indeed find a freezer there. Commercial freezers are highly in-demand refrigeration units that no food business can survive without. Even the slightest issue with the machinery can halt the day-to-day operations and incur huge repair expenditures. And why not? If your most significant asset is not functioning correctly, you are left with no other option but to fix it or replace it. Either way, this investment costs you a lot throughout its lifespan. 

However, if you pay attention to little things, you can still save massively on walk-in freezers. Since commercial freezers run throughout the day and even at night, their energy consumption is often high. And when energy consumption is high, the cost rises automatically.

Therefore, we will provide you with our top tips and tricks to help you save on energy consumption through this guide. Read on!

Consider Investing in Motion Sensor Lighting.

You enter and exit the unit several times but forget to check if you turned off the light during the last visit. Ultimately, you mistakenly leave the lights on and incur more electricity bills. However, you take that chip off your shoulder with motion sensor lighting and save energy costs. This sensor allows the light to automatically switch on when you visit the freezer and turn off when you leave. 

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Watch Out for Door Closures and Broken Seals.

When you open the lid or door of the fridge, the unit works harder to keep working efficiently till you keep it open. Now that it works hard, it means it consumes more than usual units of energy and costs you more. Moreover, check out broken, split, or bulge door seals that prevent them from creating vacuum and seal in the cold air. It also puts pressure on the unit that uses extra energy for maintaining the correct temperature inside the freezer. 

Buy Only Energy Star-certified Freezers.

Freezer repair experts recommend all their clients buy energy star-certified freezers only. Many manufacturers build units that are precisely tested for their energy consumption.

Thereupon, they give stars to each freezer that offers you an idea of how much electricity you will save on that freezer. 

Bottom Line.

You should follow these tips if you want to save on your restaurant’s freezer’s energy consumption and bill in South Florida. And if you need any help with broken seals or motion sensor lighting installation, count on Green Refrigeration LLC. We are the best commercial freezer specialists in Palm Beach County and Broward County, Florida for all kinds of refrigeration services. Our certified professionals will assist you in implementing all the tips above correctly and ensure positive outcomes. Set up an appointment now with heating and cooling professionals.